November 10, 2023

Established Trustees

Today we thank the established trustees for their hard work and dedication to St Pauls Centre. Without you all the centre would not be thriving today.


As a long standing member of the board of trustees, Greta brings with her a sense of stability and a depth of knowledge to the centres origins and running. Her vision for St. Pauls Centre has been for it to be a place where friendships are formed and nurtured. She does this through her volunteer work with the Tea Dance, and the young children at our Fun and Food sessions.


Rev. Matt joined us in 2014 when he took up the post at St. Pauls Church, strengthening the important link between centre and church. Also, Matt’s background in civil engineer and building management has been important in the future of the centre as we work towards the extension of the building.


Phil has worked closely with St. Pauls Centre for many years as Director of Damascus Road Technical Services situated within the Centre. Back in 2019 he was asked to join the board of trustees. He saw this as a chance to give back to the community and his friends at the centre, his business and managerial knowledge have helped with making the difficult decisions.


Laura is passionate about the mental health and wellbeing of others. Working as a Health and Wellbeing Coach at the local GP practice she sees first hand what support services are missing in the community. In 2021 she brought that passion for helping others to us at St Pauls Centre, by recognising that she could help us fill the gap of missing services. She established the bereavement group to fill such a need.


John as a long term leader of the wellbeing photography group, has worked with The Centre to improve the long term mental health of others through the medium of photography as well as sharing his passion and developing people’s skills. John has been on the board of trustees since 2021 and brings with him a keen sense of business and marketing.


Maureen has a extensive range of experience as a volunteer, from youth work to victim support.  Through this volunteer work Maureen understands both people and charitable organisations, which enables Maureen to lead the board of trustees with a compassionate and fair approach. This helps give the centre its welcoming, friendly and compassionate ethos to all. For many years’ she has been the funding officer, tirelessly working on application forms to gain funding to run the many different initiatives we have at St. Pauls Centre.

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