June 28, 2024

Stronger Together – St Pauls Centres’ Rainbow Singers and Lothian House Care Home

Rainbow Singers at Lothian House care home

Rainbow Singers at Lothian House care home

The Rainbow Singers from St Pauls Centre are frequent visitors to Lothian House care home in Spennymoor. The Singers perform short concerts and teach songs to the residents so they can join in. Maureen from Rainbow Singers said “It’s lovely when the two communities can come together in this way and to show those in care are not forgotten”.

As part of the Care Home Open Week that started on Monday, Lothian House asked if Rainbow Singers would help celebrate with them. The Singers chose a variety of songs from each decade to perform.

Care Home Open Week is a UK wide annual event that is “dedicated to showcasing the warmth, care, and vibrant communities that care homes provide to residents across the country”. The Rainbow Singers always enjoy performing at Lothian House, bringing joy to a caring and appreciative community. Residents from Lothian House enjoy visiting the Centre in return.

Maureen says of Iris, a former director of St Pauls Centre who now lives in Lothian House, “Iris often comes to sing with us when we have rehearsals in the centre. She comes to the cafe for lunch with either her son or daughter then enjoys an afternoon of singing.”

Lothian House residents with their carers also come in to the cafe from time to time, and use our hall for an afternoon of dance.

The Care Home Open Week takes place from the 24th – 30th June 2024. For further information on this annual event click https://www.championingsocialcare.org.uk/care-home-open-week.